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Our exclusive FLEX® program gives you the ability to take advantage of the fundamentals of wealth accumulation, safeguard against inflation, taxes, premature death, and total disability.

This program encourages you to set aside an affordable amount of money each month before you spend it. Part of the monthly contribution goes to pay your valuable life insurance/disability benefits and the other portion is deposited into a wealth accumulation account of choice, such as a mutual fund or annuity. 

Your premium payments are either transferred from your checking account or your savings account to an FDIC insured custodial account at a major bank.

ISM Administrators, a licensed and bonded premium administrator, sends it onto Fidelity Security Life Insurance Company.



Valuable life insurance and disability benefits for you and your family.


Cash accumulation

You set aside an affordable amount of money that is deposited into a wealth accumulation of your choice, such as a annuity or mutual fund.



College Planning Services pays close attention to the needs of each student with a scholarship search and a review of their FAFSA.

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